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Ultrasound Helped My Fibromyalgia

I bought this product because I was familiar with the benefits of ultrasound from previous physical therapy sessions. My deductible on my insurance is much too high now to get the "professional" treatment available from a physical therapist, so I purchased this product to use at home. I have been very pleased with all aspects of my purchase.

First of all, the unit is sleek, light, well-made and durable. And the medicated lavender infusion gel is far better than any other plain conductive gel. There are easy-to-read instructions and customer service is just a phone call away. I had a question about treating more than one body area at a sitting and whether this would adversely affect the unit. I got to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable "real person" right away (which is not common these days with frustrating recordings that offer no service).

I considered this purchase as a long-term investment in my health, and that it was a bargain if it performed as stated. I have not been disappointed. I have fibromyalgia and myofascial pain, and a couple of old injuries from bumping around in life. Ultrasound increases blood flow and stimulates healing. This unit is well worth the money and does the job.

MendMeShop 5 Star Rating
Shannon McBride Camarda, OR

In my search for an ultrasound I investigated different companies. No matter who I spoke with at MendmeShop, they were informed, articulate, and I knew they would be there if I had a problem. I used it for my Fibromyalgia. I was concerned because the home ultrasounds are much less intense as far as what you get at the Chiropractor, but this worked great. The gel is expensive but I don't think I will be able to use the cheap stuff after the great relief I felt with the Ultrasound and Gel. The gel left me feeling soothed, and a cooling sensation. The relief and cooling sensation lasted a long time. So super happy with this product. I am considered a very bad case for Fibromyalgia, so this is a huge deal to have any relief. Thanks!

MendMeShop 5 Star Rating
Julie, Auora Colorado


Thank you for your great customer service. Your product is excellent and your quick response to my requests is outstanding. I hope other people take advantage of your ultrasound since it compliments physical therapy and gives quicker results.

MendMeShop 5 Star Rating
Kathryn Hallock, OH

I must say I am very pleased with the results I have achieved so far with the MendMeShop ultrasound unit. I have received ultrasound in the past and it helped greatly. However, it was time consuming and rather inconvenient. I am glad I found your company and I am now able to use ultrasound from home. I have been using the device since June to treat knee osteoarthritis and a previous meniscus injury. Prior to purchasing the ultrasound, I suffered from rather significant pain on a regular basis. It was difficult to do every day activities such as grocery shopping and gardening. Now, after a few weeks of using ultrasound, I am able to do those activities plus I am even square dancing. I feel that your ultrasound unit is helping me regain a more normal and pain free life.

MendMeShop 5 Star Rating
Clara Griffiths, USA

I purchased your ultrasound device and gel several months ago. I have used it as prescribed regularly with outstanding results. Several years ago, while playing football as a quarterback, I received a meniscus injury to my left knee. I have had physical therapy steroids, other drugs and natural medicine which helped for a time but the pain kept returning. I received a brochure through the internet. Purchased the device and used it regularly. During a x-ray review of my knee, I learned that the meniscus increased in thickness. Six months ago I was experiencing a bone on bone situation. The last x-ray showed the space between the bone increased to 3.25 mm, relieving the bone on bone and hence the pain I was experiencing. Thank you so much for letting me know of the device.

MendMeShop 5 Star Rating
James Andrews, Former Professional Athlete Florida USA

Please accept my warmest compliments on the courtesy and professionalism of Deb and Mallory. In the last few days, I have been researching portable home ultrasound devices and consequently spoke with a good number of representatives from a broad spectrum of competitors. I can attest that none of them were nearly as helpful and courteous as Deb and Mallory. These two ladies answered all my questions cheerfully and were a great help in providing all the information I needed. Consequently, I chose to make my purchase through your company. You can be justifiably proud to have such sparkling professionals as Deb and Mallory on your team. I look forward to telling others about my outstanding experience with your company, and wish you, and especially Deb and Mallory, every future success.

MendMeShop 5 Star Rating
Daniel Matarazzo, Illinois USA


Product Safety Information

At MendMeShop we are committed to providing you with a safe and natural healing experience. Your safety is important to us and we take every step to ensure our therapeutic devices are manufactured with the highest quality materials and always meet or exceed compliance standards.

You should consult your doctor before use of any medical product.

Our knowledgeable customer advisors will be able to educate you with the right information about your chronic pain or injury and ensure you purchase only the product(s) you need. We are dedicated to healing you safely and we always recommend that you discuss treatment options with your doctor before beginning any new therapy program.

Some restrictions, precautions and contraindications should be recognized before using any therapeutic device. Please refer to the MendMeShop product safety information below before using our products.

If you have any questions, contact our customer advisors at (705) 445-3505,
1-866-237-9608 or

These cautionary notes are not intended to replace a health care professional’s advice. Should any negative reaction occur, discontinue use and contact your health care professional.

MendMeShop Ultrasound Safety Information

Lavender Infusion Ultrasound Gel Safety Information

Inferno Wrap™ Safety Information

Freezie Wrap™ Cold Compression Wrap Safety Information

MendMeShop Splints Safety Information

MendMeShop Ultrasound Safety Information

To reduce the risk of injury, burns, electrical shock, and/or fire, this product must be used in accordance with the following instructions:

  1. Keep out of reach of children and do not use on anyone under the age of 16 without express approval from a physician.
  2. Never use without ultrasound conductive gel.
  3. Never keep your product plugged in and unattended.
  4. Never leave unit plugged in while not in use, or unattended while in operation.
  5. Keep unit clean to prevent cross-infection.
  6. Do not use in combination with other electronic equipment.
  7. Do not use when under the influence of alcohol, drugs or mind altering medication or when suffering from extreme fatigue.
  8. Do not submerge the unit in water or other liquid. If unit gets wet, place it in a dry area to dry out for at least 24 hours before attempting to use again.
  9. Consult your doctor or therapist before using this ultrasound device.

MendMeShop recommends and expects that you consult a physician before using this ultrasound device. Use of this device is not recommended:

  • on patients with hemophilia, abnormal blood pressure, spina bifida, surgical laminectomies of the spine, malignancies, or infectious diseases
  • over infected tissue or bone
  • on areas that are not within a normal body temperature range (i.e. recently iced or heated areas)
  • over open sores, lesions, or sunburned skin
  • over implants of any sort including plastic, silicon, cement or metal (including metal mesh)
  • consult a physician before using this ultrasound device.
  • over the skull area or face
  • over areas suspected to be cancerous or pre-cancerous
  • over mucous membranes (mouth, nose, rectum, anus, vagina)
  • over numb areas of the skin
  • on patients with electronic implants such as pacemakers
  • over the midsection area of pregnant females (including lower back, abdomen, groin and lumbar area) or females suspected of being pregnant
  • directly over organs including sex organs, thyroid (upper front of neck), liver, stomach, lungs, spleen, bowels, kidneys, heart
  • for use anywhere above the neck (this includes over areas such as the eyes, ears and temple)
  • over areas injected with medication or a steroid (i.e. cortisone) within the last 30 days

If you are unable to use ultrasound due to any of the contraindications listed above, using an Inferno Wrap™ for Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ can achieve similar treatment results.

Lavender Infusion Ultrasound Gel Safety Information
MendMeShop Naturally Medicated Ultrasound Gel
  1. Gel is intended for external use only. Do not ingest.
  2. Gel contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that may react to sensitive skin. If irritation occurs discontinue use and call our customer service department.

Inferno Wrap™ Safety Information

To reduce the risk of injury, burns, electrical shock, and/or fire, this product must be used in accordance with the following instructions:

  1. Take care to avoid dehydration from overuse when using your Inferno Wrap.
  2. Do not plug device in and leave unattended.
  3. This device is not meant for use nor should be accessible to children or infants.
  4. Do not use during sleep.
  5. MendMeShop is here to help you heal safely and naturally.
  6. This wrap is not to be used on a person with poor blood circulation unless monitored carefully.
  7. Regularly check your skin under the wrap for redness or reaction.
  8. The Inferno Wrap™ should never be used near water (nor submersed in water) or any other liquid when plugged in.
  9. Remove Energy Web™ before washing.
  10. If you pull your wrap by the power cord it may damage the unit.
  11. Wait 45 minutes after an Inferno treatment before beginning an ultrasound or cold compression treatment, thereby allowing the body to return to normal body temperature.
  12. Do not attempt to diagnose or self-treat any disease or condition without direct supervision or advice of a physician.

Surgical Implants:

Metal pins, rods, artificial joints, or any other surgical implants generally are not heated by the Inferno Wrap™ system. Nevertheless, a person should consult his or her surgeon before receiving such therapy. Certainly discontinue use if a person experiences pain near any implants.

Silicone will absorb energy emitted by the Energy Web™. Implanted silicone or silicone prostheses may be warmed by the treatment. As silicone melts at over 200 degrees Celsius, it should not be adversely affected by the Inferno Wrap™ system; however, it is still advised that a person checks with his or her physician/surgeon to be certain.

Malignancy (Cancer or other Malignant conditions):

Do not use the Inferno Wrap™ without express approval by your physician.


  • Pregnancy: If you are pregnant or suspicious that you are pregnant, discontinuation of the Inferno Wrap™ is recommended.
  • Haemorrhage: Haemophiliacs and anyone predisposed to haemorrhage should avoid usage of this product or any other type of heating that would create vasodilation, potentially leading to a tendency to bleed.
  • Pain: Pain should not be experienced when using the Inferno Wrap™. If pain is experienced, discontinue use of the product.

Cold Compression Wrap Safety Information

Naturally pain relief with cold compression therapy products
  1. Do not keep the wrap on longer than 20 minutes as skin irritation may occur. If treating an area with limited skin, fat or muscle decrease time to 10 minutes.
  2. Do not use the wrap if you suffer from Raynaud’s, diabetes, sensitivity to cold or any medical condition with reduced blood flow to the arms or legs.
  3. Do not begin a cold therapy treatment until at least one hour after previous treatments involving ultrasound or heat.
  4. Wait until at least one hour after a cold therapy treatment before before beginning an ultrasound or Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™ treatment, thereby allowing the body to return to normal body temperature.
  5. Do not sleep with ice pack on.
  6. If abnormal pain, swelling or unusual reactions are experienced while using this product, remove and discontinue use and seek advice from your medical professional.

MendMeShop Night Splint Safety Information
MendMeShop Dorsal Night Splint
  1. Do not over extend the fascia when adjusting the splint. Set angle carefully to allow for a comfortable stretch.
  2. Do not walk or attempt to place weight on the foot while using the Dorsal Night Splint.
  3. Do not walk or attempt to place weight on the foot while using the Night Splint with Tread without approval from your physician.
  4. Do not use outdoors, or on slippery or uneven surfaces.
    Use of this device is not recommended on patients who have:

  • plantar flexion contracture greater than 10 degrees
  • uncontrollable, severe plantar flexion spasticity

Consult your medical professional before beginning any treatments.

Do you have more questions?

If you have any questions regarding our therapeutic products and your treatment options, please contact a MendMeShop Advisor for assistance. You can be assured all your questions will be answered in a thorough and courteous manner by our trained staff.

Within Continental US and Canada call toll 1-866-237-9608

International Callers 705-445-3505

Email us at

We strive to answer all emails within 24 hours. Often you will receive your response sooner.

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Cold Compression Knee Therapy

Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy with an Inferno leg wrap for the ultimate in healing

Doctors and physical therapists recommend ice and compression to reduce back pain and swelling in sore, strained or overused muscles, especially in the lower back.

Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy with an Inferno Back wrap for the ultimate in sore back healing

This universal leg wrap can provide cold compression to the shin, calf, groin, thigh, or hamstring.

Ankle sprain treatment without surgery.

Stop forearm pain - 100% Guaranteed To Reduce Pain and Swelling.

Foot Injury Therapy: 100% Guaranteed to Reduce Plantar Pain and Foot Swelling.

Our Cold Compression Shoulder Wrap provides quick and efficient relief of swelling and pain from an active sprain, shoulder strain, whiplash, or tight upper back muscles.

This lightweight, padded dorsal night splint provides you with relief from plantar fasciitis pain while allowing you to sleep comfortably.

Plantar Fasciitis splint with tread, great pain relief for your plantar fasciitis.

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